The Virus Won’t Retire Us! One Linlithgow secures £15,000 external funding

Many BIDs across the UK are being forced to mothball until businesses can reopen.  This will make it doubly difficult for them to be there ready to help when the time comes.

At One Linlithgow, because we predicated our business plan on strong ties with community groups that are more than just lip service, we have secured £15,000 Government funding to support the local COVID-19 response.  We will be providing meaningful, direct support to our members and the wider Linlithgow community, but the continued operation also means that we will be prepared for the slow return to feet on the streets, promoting businesses and ensuring that customers trust Linlithgow to take sensible measures to prevent/mitigate further outbreaks.

We will not be issuing demands for payment of BID levy until at least September 2020 and we will be using the external funding to deliver our part of the town-wide community response until then, so that no member business must subsidise activity while closed down.