Learn more about Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)...

What is a BID?

A Business Improvement District (BID) is part of a town, tourism and visitor area, commercial district, or specific theme (such as food and drink), in which businesses work together to invest in local improvements.

How is a BID created?

BIDs can only exist if they get support from a clear majority of local businesses in a vote.  They operate for up to five years and are developed, managed and paid for by businesses through a compulsory BID levy.  If the businesses that are part of the BID want them to continue once the five years are up, another vote must take place.

How long is a BID for?

One Linlithgow Ltd has a fixed term of five years - running from October 2019 to September 2024. All eligible businesses will be consulted prior to the renewal ballot to establish the priorities for the business plan for the next term of the BID.

How is it funded?

As mentioned above, all businesses in the BID area pay a levy that equates to a percentage of the property’s non-domestic rateable value.  One Linlithgow Ltd also seeks to attract matched funding or contributions in kind to support individual projects and services.

I voted No - do I still have to pay?

Yes. The BID Business Plan is put to a democratic secret postal ballot of the eligible persons (property owners and/or occupiers) and if the majority vote in favour, all eligible persons liable to pay the non-domestic rate are liable for the levy.

My business has a low rateable value, I didn’t have a vote in the election and I’m not required to pay a levy, can I still benefit from the BID?

Yes, if your rateable value is below £1,000 or your business is outwith the BID zone, you can become a voluntary levy payer.  Please contact One Linlithgow if you are interested in becoming a voluntary levy payer.

How do I get the most out of the BID?

Get involved. By being involved and working with others to help deliver change and improvement to your local area. A BID provides a structure and finance to be able to get things done which are going to benefit the businesses and their employees. The most progressive BIDs in Scotland have a committed Board of Directors working within a strong local partnership with their local authority and other bodies to deliver improvement, working together to find solutions, with each understanding the priorities and concerns of the other.

Why does West Lothian Council send my levy invoice?

West Lothian Council handle our billing as it is linked to rateable value.  We are not the Council but work to supplement their services.