Who we are

One Linlithgow is a private, not-for-profit Company operated by a Board of volunteer Directors. All of those Directors have a stake in Linlithgow (most are business owners, others are local Councillors or representatives of community groups) and all give up their time for the benefit of Linlithgow’s business community.

The Directors oversee the activity of a small staff team, all of whom know and love Linlithgow inside out.

If you’re interested in the rules of the Company itself, you can read our Articles of Association in full.

Allow us to introduce ourselves!

Board of Directors

Office bearers:

Evelyn Noble (Chair)
Lilypond Crafts & Gifts
Mark Darragh (VC)
Katie Hainey (Treasurer)

Business directors:

Diana Kelly
Liam Maguire
Linlithgow Golf Club
Mike Smith
Linlithgow Canal Centre
Jill Wardrope
Network Promotions

Directors (Elected Members):

Cllr. Tom Conn
Cllr. Tom Kerr
Cllr. David Tait

Community directors:

Ron Smith
Linlithgow Burgh Trust


Eddie Linton-Smith
Sally McIntosh-Anderson
Project Manager
John Smith
Press Liaison
Zibah Kilbride
Project Assistant