Premises Improvement Grants

One Linlithgow offers Premises Improvement Grants to its member businesses.

If you’re interested in applying for a grant, the very first thing you need to do is contact us to tell us what you’re planning – before you even fill in the application form.

Not all projects are eligible for grants (e.g. they must be a “capital” improvement). Please note that grants are not available all the time, nor is the budget inexhaustible, so it’s always best to speak to us first to avoid disappointment. They are increasingly popular every time funding is renewed, so it’s often not long between their announcement and that year’s funding running out. We try to be as fair as we possibly can.

Please note that speaking to One Linlithgow staff about a grant does not secure a place in the “queue”. Only once a valid application form and supporting documentation has been returned to One Linlithgow can it be reviewed by the Board of Directors.

Generally speaking, One Linlithgow’s internal Premises Improvement Grants are intended to complement West Lothian Council’s external Shop-front Improvement Grants. Businesses outside Linlithgow’s town-centre Conservation Area, however, may find themselves ineligible for shop-front improvement support from West Lothian Council, in which case One Linlithgow may consider supporting external improvements.

Most T&Cs are explained on the application form, but it’s best to speak to somebody at One Linlithgow for a full explanation of the scope of the grant.

You can download the Premises Improvement Grant application form here.

Please return the completed form to One Linlithgow, using the details shown. A completed, digital copy, returned by email, is preferred.