Business support: local

20th January 2021

We had hoped to end local updates on this page many months ago, but unfortunately it is still necessary to advise businesses that we are here to provide direct support (just contact us), and to supply or subsidise PPE and other costs that our members may have incurred due to coronavirus.

We continue to host enormously successful digital markets, provide PPE and grants, promote local business via “Linlithgow Loves Local” materials and supplies, as well as our usual activity. We have secured over £35,000 external funding, beyond usual West Lothian Council support.

17th August 2020

With only a few businesses having to remain closed, and with Government support packages reaching their application closing dates, there’s not much new information for us to add here on a regular basis.

Reiterating that our packs and grants (see post below) are still very much available, and encouraging everyone to please wear a mask in town to avoid a local lockdown, we leave this page static until it is no longer relevant.

We may periodically update with new information, but will generally return to communicating through our mailing list (please contact us to request to sign up).

21st July 2020

Not only are our PPE kits still very much available, our “fake note kits” and “DNA kits” are very much in stock and ready for delivery to any member business requesting one!

Contact us by the usual means.

15th July 2020

Since the last “local support” update in early June, we’ve been busy supplying PPE and grants to our member businesses. Our primary means of communication is our mailing list, to which member businesses are strongly encouraged to sign up (just contact us to request to join the mailing list).

To date, we have spent over £10,000 distributing PPE and paying out grants to member businesses across Linlithgow, and we’re not done yet. We have enough PPE for everyone, but it’s best to get any grant applications in quickly, because although we have designed the grants to be both meaningful to each business and available to as many as possible, the budget is finite and we may have to revise the level of payout as time goes on, according to funds remaining.

Now that many businesses are opening their doors once again, it’s more important than ever to drive home the “shop local” message. We’re doing this in collaboration with local community groups and under the banner of “Scotland Loves Local”.

We’re delighted that so many businesses have taken advantage of the support we’re offering – many of which we’d only had very limited contact with until now. While nobody would have wished for this situation, we at One Linlithgow have forged new friendships, alliances, and collaborative achievements. Not bad for a silver lining!

10th July 2020

Businesses are encouraged to take part in the “grand reopening” prize draw, with a special hamper to be won in the latter half of July, full of prizes from around Linlithgow! Just let us know you’d like to take part, then download the entry form, which we’ll collect from you when it’s time to draw the winner!

2nd June 2020

One Linlithgow is supporting member businesses by supplying PPE, guards and other equipment to ensure a safe and sensible reopening.

For most businesses, this will be in preparation for Phase 2, but some will already be reopened (e.g. golf clubs under Phase 1) and others will have to wait a little bit longer (e.g. hairdressers under Phase 3).

Minor updates will be provided through mailshots. If you are a member business and do not receive the mailshots, please contact us.

14th May 2020

Here’s today’s updated list of Linlithgow businesses trading today. Happily, a few previously closed down have opened their doors once again!

One Linlithgow has now secured £15,000 funding to help with the coronavirus response: this helps us continue to provide support to member businesses and the community at large.

15th April 2020

Here’s an updated list of businesses still trading in Linlithgow. Please support them however you can.

At One Linlithgow, We’re also in the process of applying for funding to deliver support to the community and businesses directly. Updates posted here with the application’s progress. Currently, it is awaiting sign-off by West Lothian Council, which must agree the activity and agree to support the application.

10th April 2020

One Linlithgow has now applied for funding to help support the community, as well as businesses, throughout the current crisis. Whether successful or not, we’ll be continuing to work with our community partners to support where we can, but the funding will really help One Linlithgow make a tangible difference, including offering a delivery service for local businesses.

Already, our team has worked with the creators of this website, “TideOver”, to create a Linlithgow-specific page for businesses to sign up to. Once you sign up, your customers can then buy “virtual vouchers” to spend with you when you reopen. A percentage of the payment comes to you within days, the rest when the customer redeems the voucher.

We thought this would give more businesses an online presence, without having to explore e-commerce for themselves, which can be costly and difficult to set up. This way, it’s all done for you: you’re just signing up to take part. It’s a great way for your customers to support you until you can open your doors again.

To take part, just follow this link, select “businesses sign up now”, enter your details and await confirmation and final setup instructions from the site administrators. After that, they can help you set up your page.

Further details, terms and conditions can be found on the site.

31st March 2020

As the country settles in to lockdown (and today’s newspapers announce that it’s beginning to have a positive effect on the rate of new infections), businesses are also finding ways to continue trading responsibly and safely. Those who cannot (or whose trade has been enormously diminished) can in many cases survive on the bailout packages we’ve talked about below.

We’ve made a list of businesses still trading (and of those unable to trade, but who wish to communicate a message to their client base). Please feel free to share it.

We have stopped providing regular updates on the “national support” page as we are now clear on what is being offered and how to access it. We’ll continue to update this “local support” page as and when new information becomes available, but for our member businesses, the best ways to stay up-to-date locally are through our Facebook page and our mailing list (please request to be added via our contact page).

25th March 2020

Monday bore tough, but not unexpected, news that all non-essential business premises must close. This doesn’t mean that retailers are stopped from selling goods online. If you need some help to get started in the digital world, and your business is part of One Linlithgow, please contact us.

We also have hand sanitiser available for our One Linlithgow member businesses, free of charge. Please get in touch with us to order some for your business.

20th March 2020

We’re adding some more activity to our own contribution: many businesses can’t source hand sanitiser to continue trading in a responsible manner, so we’re trying to secure a (sensible) bulk delivery to be made available to all Linlithgow businesses.

We’re building a database of businesses in Linlithgow, with details of opening hours, whether (and when) delivery is available, and any other announcements that businesses would like to make to their customers. We aim to create an (admittedly rudimentary) “interactive Linlithgow” to show that the town is very much open for business.

09:02 update: West Lothian Council has now added its own coronavirus page. Nothing yet relating to businesses and how to access grants.

19th March 2020

At an emergency meeting of the One Linlithgow Board of Directors yesterday evening, it was discussed that, while ongoing projects will all continue (Loyalty Lottery, CCTV installation in the town centre, production of a 2020/21 visitor guide, promotional videos for businesses, security kits etc.), there will be some inevitable changes to our operational priorities.

We took the difficult decision to close the office for as long as social distancing is recommended by officials. If you’re reading this and would like to get in touch, please use the contact form on this site at first instance. Our proverbial doors are wide open, however, and we’re working flat out for our member businesses.

We’re still open to suggestions from businesses: what more can we do to help?

One priority identified yesterday evening was to build a database on this website, listing businesses staying open, revised business hours or any other useful information, including potential deliveries to customers. We’re already working on it and will publish as soon as we can. There may be some gremlins in the system in the early days, but we felt it’s more important to do something meaningful quickly, than spend months developing a shiny bells-and-whistles online store when it’s too late to help.

We’re trying to collaborate as best we can, not only with our businesses directly, but with Council Officers, Councillors, MSPs, MPs, and community groups like the Community Development Trust, Community Council, Burgh Trust and others. If your organisation is helping out in Linlithgow but we haven’t been in touch with you, please drop us a line in the contact form and let’s have a conversation. How can we help each other keep Linlithgow ticking over?

18th March 2020

If there was ever a time to support one another, as a business community as well as individuals, it’s now.

In such times of difficulty, it’s heartening to see Facebook groups like “Linlithgow Coronavirus Support” springing up and being populated by kind and well-meaning people. It’s a phenomenon not seen often enough online.

Our own “contact” page is open, as ever, and One Linlithgow staff will try to help anyone getting in touch (from the business community or otherwise), or at least point people in the right direction. It doesn’t have to be about business or coronavirus: if we can help, we will.

In terms of support to businesses, we’re meeting local Councillors, MPs and Officers to agree how best to support. We’re in the very early days, so there aren’t any fully-formed emergency projects, but keep an eye on this page for specific means of support, and please contact us if you have ideas of your own.