Welcome to One Linlithgow Business Improvement District

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This website contains information relating to the One Linlithgow Business Improvement District. For information about Linlithgow please visit mylinlithgow.com, where you will find a comprehensive business directory, events, community news, travel information, webcams and much more.


To deliver projects and services that will improve Linlithgow’s trading environment to the benefit of businesses, their customers and visitors.

One Linlithgow is our independent High Street shops and our bustling supermarkets; it is our home business startups and the community groups that help them to survive and thrive; it’s the industrial estate entrepreneurs, devising new ways to help local businesses support each other and to establish a circular economy; it’s the army of volunteers, who keep Linlithgow crowned in glorious floral displays all year round.

We are literally all of the above. The Board of Directors of One Linlithgow (SC487605) comprises people who embody all of the above aspects of our town. They live and work in Linlithgow and they volunteer their time gladly to deliver prosperity for the town they love.

You can get involved, too. Get in touch using the details on our “contact” page and help us make Linlithgow even better!

This website is purely for the dissemination of information about One Linlithgow itself to the businesses, which subsidise it, and for people aiming to help, actively, to make Linlithgow a better place to live, work and do business.

9 months ago

Eye spy with my little eye.......one of my favourite places!

Then I hear that the Palace all being well will reopen on Friday 30th April!

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9 months ago
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I don't know about anyone else but I am looking forward to sitting in a window seat, watching the world go by sipping a lovely coffee!!

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